What is SLS?

Super Lap Scotland powered by Rockstar Energy Drink aims to prove who is the fastest driver in Scotland...the KING or QUEEN of KNOCKHILL! Devised in conjunction with Track Scotland, the rules and class structure will, equalise the most powerful cars on the planet with even the most modest of Road Cars, Hot Hatch and Track Cars, it is open to all drivers, including first timers. Step up this year and prove just how fast you are!

With six classes based on their WHEEL HORSE POWER TO WEIGHT (including driver) RATIO, entrants will go head to head with comparable competitors, all scoring their respective class points to determine who is the class champion, with all points going towards the overall Super Lap Scotland championship.


2016 Classes


Pro: > 450 bhp per tonne
: 351 - 450 bhp per tonne
B: 271 - 350 bhp per tonne
C: 211 - 270bhp per tonne
D: 161 - 210 bhp per tonne
E: 135 - 160 bhp per tonne
F: < 135 bhp per tonne




2016 Calendar


Date Track Direction Report
Sunday 17 April Clockwise Round 1
Saturday 21 May Anti-Clockwise Round 2
Sunday 22 May Clockwise Round 3
Saturday 30 July Anti-Clockwise Round 4
Sunday 31 July Clockwise Round 5
Sunday 18 September Anti-Clockwise Round 6



What Is Super Lap Scotland
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